Friday, October 27, 2006

Resting the Brain

This week I had once-every-few-years crash into sleep. This happens when I pass a number of deadlines and I've been working too hard for too long. Then as soon as the last thing in the pile is done, leaving a couple of days with nothing do-- suddenly I'm too tired to remain sitting.

So I slept most of a day and a half. In the brief intervals of being awake I read O Magazine, which I always find encouraging at wobbly times.

Then I got up this morning and came to the office as usual, feeling almost normal, but a bit like I just got a cast taken off of my brain.

Used to be that this happened once a year. Now it's more like once every four or five years. Maybe I'm learning a bit more about balance.

But I'd been overworking since last December. And so...

I'm glad it doesn't happen while I'm still on deadline.

I think it gives my imagination a fresh start.


billie said...

I've found myself thinking recently of taking on new things "in the new year." As opposed to right now, or tomorrow, or ASAP... which makes me happy b/c it's happening w/o much forethought on my part!

It does sound like you're creating more balance in your life and work.

For me, it's almost a moment-by-moment endeavor. I have to remember and push myself to build in "down time" to any project deadline.

Thanks for reminding me that it's a good thing!!


Peggy said...

Building in the "down time" does seem to be crucial.

I often put Whim on my daily to-do list. And at the close of the day, if I haven't followed some spontaneous impulse, then -- I DON'T CROSS IT OFF. And as any listmaker knows, that's a big deal.