Friday, January 05, 2007

Getting Started with Fiction

This morning I fiddled with fiction again for the first time in months. I'd been doing research on the Chant biography and working with clients and, in recent days, preparing to start teaching fiction writing at Duke for this semester that starts next week.

On the strength of the wonderful short stories I've been reading to prepare for the two courses, and the fear-blasting effects of Unlock Your Creative Genius which I reviewed in my previous post, and excitement about the idea that cropped up during the week of vacation I took between Christmas and New Year's--I jumped almost-first-thing today into THE MOST DAUNTING PIECE OF WRITING I COULD CONTEMPLATE. I didn't even bother to take my coat off. Just sat (checked e-mail) and started work.

It came out pretty well. I was pleased with what I did in this crack at it.

I didn't feel I was driving with the brake on, as I very often initially do. I had no conscious fear or hesitation. I did, however, eat FISTFULS OF ANIMAL CRACKERS while I worked. If that's what it takes--fine! I don't mind a crutch that works. I count it a very good morning.

And now back to work on the class syllabus.... I hope it will inspire the students as well as it did me.


billie said...

Peggy, that is WONDERFUL.

I've put the book you mentioned on my list. It sounds like a good resource.

I really love the thought of you walking into your office, sitting down and writing with your coat on, and eating animal crackers for sustenance while you get those first words flowing.

A fabulous image to take into this new year!


Peggy said...

Thanks, Billie.

A friend looked at my copy of "Unlock," or maybe I should nickname it "Genius." She said with mock-offense: "But you marked all over it! Now I'm going to have to order my own!"

Anonymous said...

Hi. My sister, Sherron Biddle, tells me you are writing a book on Elizabeth Chant. I'm wondering if you have any info about her on your website? Thanks.

Lynne Biddle-Walker