Monday, June 18, 2007

Art Car: Going Bold on the Road

Some time back, I confided to you here that I've for years longed to have large cobalt-blue morning glories painted all over my 1992 pine-sap-speckled, beach-corroded Camry. (My novel-long-in-progress is titled Cobalt Blue.)

Well, I have just now ordered a stencil of morning glory blossoms and leaves, had the size of it doubled to 16 inches, and am commencing on research on car paint.

I meant to have an artist do this job; guess I'm getting gutsier: I'm going to do it myself.

And, for better or worse, you will see the finished product here. Note car in its current state (with a hint of my previous novel's title on the license plate.)

I always used to worry about seeming eccentric, and have reacted against that so much that I think I come off as rather buttoned-down. But once you have an art car, it's official, you're eccentric. It's the ultimate credential.


billie said...

Can't wait to see!

Therese said...

Peggy, that will be SO cool. Viva eccentricity!

I'd hoped to run into you at the Joyce Carol Oates reading at QRB last night. We'll have to meet up in person one day.

Peggy said...

I like that phrase: Viva eccentricity! I think there's a bumper sticker there. On a floral car.

Sorry to miss saying hello. Was JC Oates good? I heard her once years ago and was impressed.

Therese said...

Yes, she was wonderful. Very "real," and inspiring in many ways.

Peggy said...

What amazed me about her, given how much she publishes, is how much rewriting she does.

I heard her say that when she starts a new novel, she may write four or five radically different versions of the opening chapter: starting from different times in the story, different points of view, etc.