Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More on Soft Addiction

A few weeks ago I wrote here about a book I was reading, The Soft Addiction Solution, on the idea that lots of us zone out much of the time doing the same habitual stuff: the TV and chips, or any repetitive escapist activity.

What I like about the philosophy of this author, Judith Wright, is that she doesn't preach discipline, self-restraint, character, deprivation, etc.

Instead the idea is to make a more satisfying choice, at least some of the time. I'm all the way to step one of this process, which is to make one overall decision about how I want my life to be, so that I at least have the option of making my daily decisions in support of that big one.

For example, like Lance Armstrong's Live Strong mantra.

I had to think about it for a while before I came up with mine. In fact, as recommended, I "test-drove" it for a few weeks. I'm happy with my selection, which is: I am living my life as my best self. I'm sorry to say I'm not bold enough to put this in boldface. I take that back. I'm putting it in boldface AND ALL CAPS: I AM LIVING MY LIFE AS MY BEST SELF.

It's a pretty clarifying idea. And I pay attention to it some of the time. I'd say it has steered me away from a lot of fried food and to a couple of yoga classes--and made clear a few times that it was time to knock off work for the day and go home.

I'm excited about this. It works. Will keep you posted on the next step in this process.


billie said...

Peggy, I've been thinking about you since your last post and hope the thyroid test came back with useful information!

Your "mantra" is very close to mine, which I don't think I've put into words so much as identify with as a state of being.

It's interesting to me that when I'm there, it's easy to identify and my decisions out of that place are always good ones.

When I'm not there, my self-awareness is much less, and it takes some bumping into things to "wake me up" to the fact that I'm not where I want to be.

Ken Roberts said...

Thanks for sharing this Peggy.

Peggy said...

Interesting, Billie, that you identify the "ideal" by the state you're in--that's certainly very biofeedback-ish. And likely works better. I think that's what needs to evolve from the verbal mantra.

And my thyroid test was fine. Thanks. My crash turned out to be two medications arguing with each other. Now I have that straight.

What's funny: during my downtime I made all kinds of useful resolutions about taking more vacation and not working so late. May still stick to those.

And, Ken, thanks for visiting. Do come again.