Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Necessary Uncertainty

From an old (last winter's)More Magazine, a story on re-creating one's life by Susan Crandell:

"Most great ventures arise in uncertainty. Did Louis and Clark know they would make it to the Pacific? ... The hallmark of an adventure is not knowing the outcome, trusting in the flow of events....The least successful reinventers were the ones who'd figured everything out, down to the last decimal point....You're smart. You can make some of it up as you go along."

More, by the way, did not choose me as one of their winning women in their over-forty model search. More's the pity. But wasn't it wonderfully cheeky of me to enter the contest?


Ken Roberts said...

Hi Peggy,

Something I said made it into the Charlotte Observer today:
Your blog helped inspire me to say the "I finally realized..." part.
Thank you,

Peggy said...

Thanks so much for posting this here, Ken. I love what you said in the article--and it was more than just a mention: “All my life I thought I could create something of my own,” Roberts said. “I finally realized it’s more fun doing it than thinking about it.”

You are so right. That's inspiring. And congratulations on the program you created.