Friday, August 03, 2007

A Must-Visit: Dare to Be Fabulous

I just had a peek at a website with the enticing name of Dare to Be Fabulous. First let me mention that I've been feeling quite hit-by-a-truck today.

The art on the homepage alone perked me up enough so that I now have the strength to get out of the office and go to either a movie, a sofa with a book, or a hot tub. Any of those sound fabulous to me. I've just finished an enormous chunk of work done during the same three weeks in which we had both a small party and a houseguest for ten days. All three of these items are good and satisfying experiences, but at some point afterwards one needs a lie-down. This is it for me. Have a good weekend.


billie said...

Hey, Peggy - enjoy the weekend and the book/sofa/hot tub!!

Peggy said...

Thanks, Billie. I did the sofa and novels on Friday, pool and hot tub on Saturday. Much restored.
And you?

billie said...

This week, with the heat, it feels like everything is geared toward keeping horses and people cool.

Yesterday I took FOUR showers, and it wasn't indulgence on my part. I was so drenched with sweat there was nothing else to do but wash it off!

Peggy said...

Why get out of the shower?

Yesterday the AC broke in my office building. The thermostat said it was only 95 in the building, but my office is the one that gets the sun.

If we had good sense, we'd have evacuated, but packing up the computer felt like too much work and I was already sweaty anyway.

billie said...

Ha - I have to get out of the shower b/c it's time to go back out to the barn to do the next round of feeding/hosing/watering. :)

It's cool inside. Which probably contributes to how much I sweat when I go out again.

Vicious cycle!!

Peggy said...

I found out this morning that the heat has caused my eyes to get too dry and the dryness has caused little abrasions all over both corneas. Now I have some really good moisture medicine.

Who knew heat could scratch your eyes?

billie said...

Wow, Peggy - now I'm wondering if I've got something similar going on. One day last week I woke up with a swollen eyelid - no redness, just the lid was swollen. This week the area beneath both eyes was swollen. All through this my eyes have felt dry and my vision has seemed like it does after swimming for a long time in a chlorinated pool.

It's all fine today but I'm thinking it's time to set up my already overdue eye appt.

Peggy said...

Yes, do.