Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Artcar!

Nothing helps my writing like dabbling playfully in some other art form. This is the grandest scale on which I've dabbled. It's major cross-training.

For years, I've imagined having a car that's crawling with blue morning glories. I'm happy as can be with the outcome.

This portait of me and my personally hand-decorated machine was shot in a parking lot after a Mexican lunch by a friend with a car phone who says she shoots much better pictures with her real camera.

In addition to the value of the cross-training--and of course the sheer beauty of the artwork--there's an encouraging sense of satisfaction about setting off on an outrageous little undertaking like my Morning Glory Project and completing it. (Well, almost completing it: I still have the other side to do...and the clear coat. But I couldn't wait to show you.)


Joemav said...

Great auto detailing job. Is this a second career? Joemav

Peggy said...

Thanks, Joemav, I appreciate your coming to visit. I don't know about the second career thing. But if you need some posies a vehicle, I'll be glad to consult.

Ken Roberts said...

I love it.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Ken. I'm going to paint a few flowers on the hood next, so I can see them and smile while I'm driving.

Christina said...

Having seen the Morning Glory Mobile in person, as it were, I can only say it is indeed glorious. Everybody's going to want a garden growing on their vehicle soon (will they be called "carden flowers?")

Can't believe you had the creative chutzpah to sand, paint and clear coat your car, Peggy. You really are bold!

Peggy said...

The first squirt of paint was pretty scary; after that, no problem.

So, what's going to grow in your "carden," Christina?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's way cool! It's always inspiring to see someone step outside the box and follow through with something they've envisioned for a long time. Glad you followed your bliss and are happy with your results.

richard anderson said...

Looking forward to your new book.
Art is fine, but music it better for cross-training. It stimulates the right brain more. Can't prove it, though.

The One Sentence Answer Guy said...

W-u-h-l-l n-o-w . . ., thiz' a fahn vee-HICK-ul yah ga 'chere, li'l lady. Ah must say, yah gatsum majuh case a uppity, thinkin' yah cun jest up un mess wit a purfc-ly guud piece a 'quipment lahk that.

Thanks for steppin' out there, Peggy. You do inspire me to be bold today.

Ya think the officer who pulls you over outside of Havelock will really believe you did it yourself?

Mystic Pizza

Peggy said...

Richard, If I tried music for my cross-training, the result would be a worse mess than any car on the road. But maybe I'll give it a shot anyway.

Thomas, I love this officer voice. Majuh case a uppity, indeed. That's a one-sentence answer in itself.

Toby said...

Love your happy car!

ruth said...

peggy, i was a little scared to look (mainly terrified that your baby brother will decorate our vehicles too!)
but i love the effect! makes me wonder why more people don't flower-up.

you are one talented chick.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Toby and Ruth.

Gorgeous promo of your column in the paper Sunday, Ruth. Wonderful picture of you. And they gave it the proper play.

Maybe my baby brother will paint flowers on his geodesic dome.

Lisa Gates said...

Peggy, this is beautiful! I had imagined an old rust bucket getting a face lift, but I was sooo wrong.

You're far too valuable as a writer...but someone should do this as a service right when you buy your car. Personalized paint jobs. Car branding.

Love it.

billie said...

Peggy, the car is gorgeous! What a great result for all your work. I can't wait to see it in person!

Peggy said...

It was getting close to a rust bucket, Lisa. I sanded and painted the whole thing white before taking on the flowers.

I love your idea of car dealers customizing prior to delivery. Then driving down the road would be intriguing in a new way, seeing what everyone has on their car. Right now they look too much alike.

Billie-- glad you like it. Actually I'm surprised that no one has posted anything but delight. I know there have to be people who think a painted car should have nothing but sailboats or locomotives on it.

heather (errantdreams) said...

WOW! That's so gorgeous! You could seriously do this as a second job. :)

Peggy said...

Thanks, Heather. If I took it up as a second career, it would be in winter. Not in August.