Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Note About My Personalized Car

I've been getting more credit than was due on the floral car debuting two posts ago. I used a stencil, twisting it this way and that, and using different bits of it. I didn't draw it freehand.

The stencil came from The Stencil Library, which boasts the world's largest mail-order collection. Also, important to note: they now have a BIG AND BOLD group of stencils. The one I bought was offered at a smaller size; they doubled it for me.


Erin said...

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Peggy said...

I already sent in my entry to your contest Erin. For others, do click and have a look. This is about ideas on creating habits. Quite an important subject for anyone who works solo on an art.

My entry recommended Judith Wright's thinking on painlessly eliminating or cutting back on "soft addictions" that waste time. I've blogged about this before. It's quite an effective approach.