Friday, October 12, 2007

Confidence Club

I just ordered a CD on Developing Physical Presence from a site called Confidence Club.

Here are the results I'm promised:

"You will deal more effectively with potential confrontation. People will listen to you more regularly and more attentively. You will experience less difficulty in making your views known. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed when meeting new people."

I ordered this because I'd like to feel what it's like to be the Bill Clinton in a room, to have my version of his famous charisma to get my various messages across clearly. (This is perhaps a tad more than was promised.)

I'm not exactly shy now, to put it mildly. But a fair number of hello-in-passing acquaintances don't recognize me until I remind them. I'm mild and pale enough that I can blur with others who look like me.

And I know how to be invisible; I use this skill on days when I don't even want to say hello.

More than one psychic/intuitive/reader has told me that my aura is pulled in so close that it barely extends beyond my body. I sort-a like that, so I don't have to get involved with everything and everybody my eyes fall upon. However, I'd like to be able to expand with the speed of an air bag, as needed.

So I've ordered this hypnotic induction that is going to teach me how. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm quite eager to find out.


Debra Whaley said...

Peggy, do you think that some of your ability to blend in might be a kind-of protective mechanism that you have developed over time, because some of your writing leaves you so open? I am sure that you have considered that. I think that when we get really good at something, it becomes harder to shut it off at will.

Good luck with that hypnosis technique. I am anxious to know how that works out for you! Fill us in after you try it.

Peggy said...

No, I think I was doing this blending trick before I started writing...probably before I started reading. It's an old habit.

Debra Whaley said...

Peggy, That makes me sad to think that you were doing this before you even started reading. I have encouraged my girls to be "heard" anytime they feel the need.(hence, a very loud household!) I was raised with the lovely, old wisdom that "Children need to be seen and not heard." It didn't serve me very well at all.

I am glad that you were able to find your voice through writing. Has writing been healing for you?

Peggy said...

I think maybe it's just my style, Debra. Or one of them. At any rate, public speaking is now one of my favorite things.

Debra Whaley said...

You are very good at public speaking. You certainly engaged the audience at Rancho. I really enjoyed your presentation.

Have you tried the hypnosis yet?

Peggy said...

Thanks. And the physical presence tape didn't arrive yet. I've used hypnosis a lot before though; my psychologist husband does clinical hypnosis.

Debra Whaley said...

Is your husband able to hypnotize you, or does it not work when you are in a close relationship with someone?

Peggy said...

Yes, he can. It works fine; the relationship likely helps. But that's because I'm willing. If I weren't, he couldn't.

What most clinical hypnotists remind people is: all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.