Sunday, November 25, 2007


This weekend my husband and I went home to my mother's for Thanksgiving. She had recently been diagnosed with shingles, which ranges from quite painful to excruciating.

She'd decided the best approach to having this (and it can last either a few weeks or as long as the rest of your life)was to take the medicine, delay her planned foreign travel, and otherwise ignore it. So she went on with her usual in-town engagements: parties, concerts, church, soup kitchen, duplicate bridge, house guests, groceries, hauling the trash to the curb, etc.

She's 85. One of my sisters-in-law says she has "mental discipline." I think she's gutsy.

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Debra W said...

Gutsy, quite bold, and absolutely hell-bent on not allowing the shingles to dictate her life! I admire your mother! I just hope that the pain is manageable, and that she will be able to continue doing as she pleases!

I will keep her in my prayers, Peggy.


Peggy said...

Thanks, Debbie.