Thursday, November 15, 2007

An Inspiring Example

Thursday night I attended a reading by novelist Angela Davis-Gardner in honor of the re-release of her two first novels, one of them published 25 years ago.

Angela is a tremendously talented writer. And she has gone through the usual struggles getting her work into print.

And now she has been hit by "literary lightning." Not only did she get a contract for her newest, Plum Wine, (now out in paperback) but she received, all in one swoop, republication deals with major publishers for her first two novels, and a contract for a fourth (due in January.)

Now the struggle is simply to write fiction on deadline, rather than the more typical efforts of writers.

Her work deserves this attention. These are wonderful books. (The other two titles are Felice and Forms of Shelter.)

And I love this story of finding the pot of gold. It can happen.

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Debra W said...

I love that story too! I am going to look up the author that you talked about, and I will check out her books. I am always looking for my next excellent read!

Peggy, my blog is if you ever get a moment to stop by.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Regards Fellow Boldistas!

Here's some great "opera" -- laugh out loud funny, and, since it is about moms, has to be about our mental health or lack. . .
If this adress too much, it is a YouTube clip of a song about moms done to the William Tell overture.
Also:An adaptation of the first four chapters of my project Chicago: a commonplace novel can be seen in the current edition of the on-line journal Blackbird, at Click on fiction on the masthead to get to my piece.


trisha said...

I attended Angela's wonderfully inspiring reading last week at Quail Ridge Books (a plug for my favorite bookstore. What a thrill it was to hear Felice and Beryl in Angela's voice.

Carma's Window said...

Every one has their own pot of gold waiting for them.

Peggy said...

Debra, I'll definitely go to

Amey, I look forward to seeing your chapters on Blackbird. Congratulations. To others: Amey's work is intriguing, mysterious, rich, fascinating. Do go visit.

Wish I'd known you were at Quail Ridge, Trisha.

Thanks for the reminder about our respective post of gold, Carma's Window. I mean to click on your name as well.

Debra W said...

Thanks Peggy. It isn't anything fancy, just some observations about life, my family, and whatever else comes to mind. It has been a wonderful outlet for me. You have actually been an instrumental part of my decision to write more, lately. You inspired me to work on the project that I mentioned to you, way back in May, and then I took it a step further by exercising my "writing muscle" a bit more, by blogging.


Peggy said...

I meant POTS of gold, Carma's Window.

Glad you've been inspired to write more, Debra. I'm happy to be any part of that.