Monday, November 19, 2007

Writing on the Side

I just shipped off a small essay I wrote last week when I was on vacation. I hit the Send button with such satisfaction. It was an absolute pleasure to write.

I don't always find writing an absolute pleasure.

What was distinctly different this time was that I was under NO PRESSURE from myself or anyone else. I was doing it as play, because I had something very particular to say, and to divert myself from the remainder of my now-famous bad mood.

The feeling of satisfaction reminded me of something I once heard from a devoted outdoorsman. At the end of a day of hiking, he loved to take off his backpack and go for a walk.

Now I know what he meant. It's doing the thing you love, unburdened and fresh once again. It's re-energizing.

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mohadoha said...

I just did a similiar thing, except it was with an essay for a magazine. The editor responded to my query letter positively - the only probelm was my energy for the piece had fled - and I was sitting on my laurels. "This isn't good enough," I was thinking. "It's an easy one to reject."

But then I did it; I opened it back up, mucked around in the sentences, trimmed the fat, talked the idea over with a colleague (who thought it was brillant), and then hit SEND.

It is a wonderful feeling!

Peggy said...

Cool, Mohadoha. Getting back into it was just the right thing. It's amazing how well that works. The project itself seems to provide the energy needed.