Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cool D.C. Lodging

Well, I wasn't going to blog this week, but there's a computer online three steps outside my hotel door. I'm staying in a hotel in D.C. at the edge of Georgetown. I always find cheap digs, and this has led me to some novel experiences. This one is a delight.

The hotel is the Allen Lee, across the street from the GWU's fraternity and sorority houses. It looks like an old-fashioned dormitory itself. And I was fortunate enough to get the room that opens onto the lobby, (thus the computer outside my door.)

The room itself is the truly fun discovery. First, it is irregularly shaped, to put it mildly: it has 17 walls, the bathroom has ten. And the room extends away from the building like a pier, on a block that ends in a corner. So I have traffic passing on three sides. And sidewalk voices, etc. Not everyone would like it, to be sure. I find it to be like sleeping next to the ocean

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billie said...

Peggy, knowing how you like your writing space to be, it sounds like the perfect office away from home. :)

You may not be there to write, but either way it sounds like a fun find!

Peggy said...

I realized this morning that this hotel room is shaped like a keyhole. A physical metaphor.

And I have been writing because a piece of mine about Benazir Bhutto is going to be on the front of the N&O tomorrow (unless it gets bumped.) So I've been doing a new ending today, in the wake of the awful news.

richardk said...

Hey Peggy,

I don't have a response to this, but it was a pleasant surprise to pick up the paper and see your photo.

Well, as pleasant as it can get, given that you were writing about meeting someone who ahd just been assasinated.(not sure of the spelling there)

Debra w said...


Is your article available online? I would like to read it.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Richard. And, yes, Debbie, the article is online. Just click on the link above in the post: encounter with Benazir Bhutto. That will take you to the article.

Debra w said...

Thanks Peggy, I will read it now.

Safe travels.