Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Physical Tension

Some weeks back I mentioned here that I was using a hypnotic induction on Increasing Your Physical Presence, a product of an English business called The Confidence Club. I'm doing this so that when the time comes for me to rule the world, I'll be ready.

The directions call for listening to the CD two or three times a week for the first month. I've just completed week three.

The first time I listened I didn't remember most of it afterwards. (That may have been the most effective go-round.) Now I've heard it enough times that I'm familiar with the words. And one line that jumped out at me last night was "tension relies on fear of the future."

I've never been especially attracted to the idea of being entirely relaxed; it has always seemed slouchy and draggy in my mind. But coding tight shoulders as fear of what's going to happen takes all the virtue out of it. Which may mean that I'll finally relax--a little, anyway.

I'm not sure how I'll know if there's a change in my Physical Presence. No one has commented yet on my unusual growth in charisma. But I'm expecting it any day now.

And, by the way, if you click on the link in the previous sentence, you'll find a put-into-practice now set of tips from none other than The Trump Blog. No reason not to try both approaches. We all need to be prepared to be rule the world; the moment could come any day now.

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Debra w said...


I was kind of hoping that you would have some miraculous results from listening to the hypnotic induction CD!

"Tension relies on fear of the future." Seeing that in writing gives that feeling of tension which I often feel, a very different perspective. I tense up if I am running late, or if I have procrastinated on doing something that I needed to complete. The tension is actually fear of what the consequences will be. Interesting. You always give me something interesting to contemplate. I like that about you.

Peggy said...

How about a slow-blooming miracle? That's still a possibility. I think probably miracles happen more often that way.