Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No Time to Waste

This afternoon at 2:34 p.m. I will achieve the age of 59. This is a significant number because of its proximity to 60, the official beginning of very late middle age. (Old begins at 80, as we all know.)

One might think that the shortage of time would "put the pressure on," and that that would be an unpleasant feeling.

I'm finding--for today, at least--that it does put the pressure on and that that feels good.

I don't want to waste another second with any of the following
*busy work
*kidding myself
*things I "might as well" do
*being too lazy to get up and get what I need

Part Two of My Birthday Wisdom> Some months ago, I chose an overall rule of thumb to guide my decisions, an idea suggested by life maximizing guru Judith Wright. After some thought, I decided on: I am living my life as my best self.

This morning I realized that I need a new one. My test drive of the old one turned up one problem. It didn't answer the question: Why? Why live my life as my best self?

My new guiding line: I unhesitatingly, joyfully, serenely go after the best results, the highest good.

That may seem to be a small matter of wording. But for me the change adds the motivation needed to do the exercise, work on the book, develop the idea, make the needed effort and enjoy the process.

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Debra w said...

Happy birthday, Peggy!!!!!!! I am sending you a huge birthday hug.

I love this post and the wonderful affirmations that you shared in it. Your list of "Time-Wasters" is one that I would like to copy and keep posted for myself.

You have achieved so much during your first 58 years, that I know that your 59th year will bring even more good work and good living.

Enjoy your special day. May the coming year bring you much health, joy, growth and as much bold living as you desire.

Peggy said...

Many thanks, Debra. I wish you the same for your coming year, whenever it begins.