Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shut Up and Make the Movies?

Woody Allen thinks it's better not to think about one's creativity.

He summed up this philosophy in an interview on NPR: "Shut up and make the movies."

I can see his point. At the same time, I find the subject of how-to-enhance-creativity fascinating, and some of the things I've learned from my reading and discussions have helped me.

I also know it's possible to avoid "making the movies" by reading about the process instead, or reading one's own press. Out of fear of that, I've read fewer of the classic books about writing than I otherwise might have. As is so often true, it's a matter of each individual finding her/his balance.

What has your experience been with finding this balance?

I find that my perfect ratio shifts quite a bit from time to time. And that discussion with my weekly writing group and on this blog are currently the right amount of talk for me.

I don't plan to shut up.

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