Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Top Ten List for Success

Publisher and Editorial Director of SUCCESS magazine, Darren Hardy, offers the following advice on how to make 2008 your best year ever:

1. Decide to be Successful – Success is not a dream, hope or fantasy; it is a decision. Make the decision to change, improve and act on your ambitions.

2. Design your Best Year Yet – As an architect would design a skyscraper, write out the goals, plans and actions it will take to achieve the life you want to live.

3. Identify Your Passion - What are your unique interests, talents and gifts? Passion attracts success. Find what you love to do - you will never “work” again.

4. Program Yourself for Success – You will see, perceive, expect and create what you think about. To program your mind for success – read watch and listen to materials that will support your success.

5. Surround Yourself with Success - You are the combined average of the five people you hang around the most. Surround yourself with healthy, success-minded achievers.

6. Model Success - The best way to learn to be successful at anything is to find someone who is where you want to be and model their success habits.

7. Master the Fundamentals – Don’t complicate it. About a half a dozen things make up 90%+ of what it takes to be successful at anything. Keep it simple.

8. Get Fit - The mind cannot achieve what the body cannot perform. Your family, friends and career and future depend on your good health. Make it priority No. 1.

9. Remember What’s Important – At the end of the journey what will have mattered most will be your relationships – the people you love and those that love you. Make sure they are on your goal list for 2008.

10. Make a Difference – What do you want your life’s legacy to be? You have the power to make a positive difference – to a single person, a neighborhood, a community, a nation, the world. Realize that power in 2008.

Success magazine is for entrepreurs, small businesses, and home-based business people. That's us, because whatever your day job might be, if you're an artist, you're also an entrepreneur.

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A.J. said...

Peggy, I just read your post "Literal Mystic Lit" and saw that you've struggled with some of the same God/spirituality questions I still face; I come from a Presbyterian upbringing (saved by Billy Graham & Leighton Ford when I was 16, followed by a decade of proselytizing, then years witnessing for atheism, and finally settling comfortably into agnosticism). I know that I don't know, and that's a big leap for me. 23 years of 12-stepping have me convinced that there's a higher power working for my good and that I only have to acknowledge that. Hence I really liked your line, "I see spirituality as the acknowledgment of that which is with us and within us that is not purely physical." I also agree that there's truth in all religions...I think we're in trouble if we try to claim that any one way is the only way.

I liked, "I never intended to write fiction that explores religions. I simply noticed that this is what I have so far done." I've caught themes in my writing, things I never set out to write about, like birth and motherhood. I was startled to realize not long ago that almost everything I write has something to do with giving birth. Maybe because writing is birthing.

I'll post these comments both here and on Mystic Lit...just wanted to be sure you saw them. Hope you'll post there again!

Peggy said...

Thanks, A.J., for your thoughts on both blogs.

And I do recommend the blog. A good discussion seems always to be going on there.

Quite a saga, your religious history. Next maybe you'll be visited by some inexplicable vision. You've covered almost every other possibility.

I too think the 12 step programs are pretty convincing religious education.

So is, for me, the process of writing fiction.

I'm ever asking myself: WHERE does this stuff COME FROM?

Peggy said...

Okay, I got the address wrong. It's

Debra w said...


Very inspiring!

I was just over at Mystic Lit, and read your post there. I left you a comment about how your work has impacted my life.

One of the very positive experiences that I had during 2007, was reading your books.

Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration.

Peggy said...

Many thanks, and I'm on my way over to Mystic Lit.