Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting Rid of a Phobia

It's not too strong to say that I've had a lifelong phobia about taking care of kids. (see previous two posts)

Well, I think it's busted. And after only two nights with three children, my admirable youngest nephews..

Harley, the oldest at twelve, says that it wasn't baby-sitting anyway, it's pre-teen caregiving.

Even so, the experience involved giving out doses of flu medicine, and being judged competent by five year old Franklin to shampoo his hair.

It went well. I did okay, even though the mother-on-duty at the carpool line at the elementary school found mysterious reasons to laugh at me every day.

Now I'm surprised and relieved and short of sleep. And it's Valentine's Day. An excellent day to leave social phobias behind.

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billie said...

She probably reads your blog! :)

Congrats on the phobia-busting.

Debra w said...

Harley sounds like a very bright young man!

I knew you could do it, Peggy! If you can stand before a classroom full of your peers and speak confidently, you can take care of three young boys.(although they will humble you!)

Now, as for the soccer mom who laughed at you in the carpool line at school...Those lines can cause phobias in individuals who don't already have them!

Peggy Payne said...

Or maybe it was the flowers painted on my car, Billie.

I find peers pretty easy, Debbie. They can take care of themselves. It's the young ones I feel responsible for who push me close to the edge.

And yes, he's a very bright boy. A serious reader. I've always thought all four of my nephews--ranging from age five to twenty-one--to be remarkable people. That's one part of being an aunt that I do get right.

I'm permanently in awe of those of you who actually raise children.