Monday, May 12, 2008

Come Right Out and Say It

Yesterday's post cited St. Paul. Today's item on this far-reaching discussion of boldness has its origins in Edgar Cayce and aura photography.
I've just come from my monthly lunch gathering, Mystic Pizza: half a dozen folks who like to talk about metaphysics. I told a story there, then realized: I never before said that out loud to anybody.

The story in brief: I was at Heritage Store in Virginia Beach, which began in order to sell the health products that Cayce, through his psychically derived info, was recommending. The place is now a huge New Age department store, with cafe, massage rooms, etc.

That day an aura photographer had set up in a front corner. When I sat down to have my picture taken, I inwardly said: okay, God, you show up in this picture too.

When the picture emerged, the photographer said, first thing, exact quote: "What did you do, summon God?" She pointed to a vertical wisp of pink in the photo: "That's divine."

I have not arrived at my final stance about whether that pink wisp was God. But I was startled by the neat parallel of my thought and her next comment. And then I never mentioned that moment to anyone until this week.

Here's the irony. All my books are about speaking out/taking action/self-actualization. My first novel Revelation is about a minister who hears the voice of God and then hesitates to tell anyone, because after all, it sounds a little weird; and he's a minister, it's his job to tell. Finally he is emboldened. He emboldens himself. He speaks. And takes action. That's the underlying story line of most of what I write.

Hard to believe it was just a coincidence that for perhaps ten years I never got around to speaking of that little incident to anyone. And didn't even notice that I was keeping silent about it. It's certainly not as if I forgot.

It's surely no coincidence that I write (and blog) about what I do: telling others to speak up, etc. Clearly I'm preaching first to myself, which I think is true of a lot of preachers and various kinds of exhorters.

Also, I always wonder who else has pink wisps show up in their photos or floating orbs over the breakfast table, and just doesn't get around to saying it out loud.

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Debra W said...

Ah Peggy, this post gave me chills, yet it also made absolute sense to me as if it is something that should happen, everyday. I spent a lot of time studying Edgar Cayce, so I am fairly familiar with his work. It's funny because one side of my life is very mainstream(raising a family, helping out in my daughter's classrooms, doing laundry...) but the other side of my life is very spiritually oriented in a very non-mainstream sort of a way.

If you have a moment, click over to my blog and find the post which is dated Wed., March 5, 2008. It is titled, "Tether Me" and there are five pictures of my two youngest daughters. The first one is my sixteen year old running a race, and the next four are of my fourteen year old dancing. Click on the last photo so that you are able to enlarge it. Around my daughter's right hand you will clearly be able to see several round spots, or orbs. This picture was taken about three weeks after my brother passed away, and I noticed the orbs in the photo later on the night that it was taken. There is also one in the photo that is just before this one which you can see on the wall. Anyway, my husband and I were sitting in bed talking while I was uploading photos and I found these pictures. I showed them to him and told him that I thought that the orbs had something to do with my brother, Rob. My fourteen year old came into the room and I showed the pictures to her. I told her that I believed that her Uncle Rob came by to watch her dance that afternoon. As we were talking about it and looking at the photos, my eighteen year old came running into my room in tears.(She rarely cries.) She told us that she had fallen asleep and felt something touch her shoulder, so she opened her eyes. She said that when she opened her eyes, my brother was standing next to her and so she closed her eyes again thinking that she was dreaming. She opened them back up again to see my brother still standing there, leaning down towards her, placing his hand on her shoulder. I guess that was the point when things felt too real, and she decided to come into my room. When she told us the story, my husband(who is also not a crier) broke down in tears. I guess the photos of the orbs, and my eighteen year old's experience was emotionally overwhelming for him. After calming everyone down, I had to smile to myself because I knew that in some way, my family had just experienced what you referred to in your post as the "pink wisp". My brother's energy was(is) still with us, which to me, validates Gods presence.

I haven't mentioned this experience to anyone outside of my immediate family, until now. I haven't even mentioned the orbs which are in the photo on my blog. After reading about your experience, I decided that you would understand and relate to how something like this could occur and feel somewhat "normal". Thank you for encouraging me to say it "out loud".


PS-I apologize for the very long comment!

Peggy Payne said...

Debbie, Thank you so much for this stirring story. Wow! I just went to your blog and looked at the picture ( and there they were, the floating orbs at her right hand. Interesting timing too that your older daughter came into the room with her report when she did.

I'm so glad you wrote this. It helps make it easier for other people to tell their stories. And we find out more about what's true, about whole pieces of life that might otherwise go unacknowledged.

Peggy Payne said...

The picture address above didn't fully show up. The post address is:

This whole blog is lovely, BTW.

Debra W said...

Peggy, I am glad that you were able to find the photo. My husband, who is very logic-minded, tried to figure out what might have caused the orbs, but couldn't. And yes, the timing of my older daughter's experience was really uncanny. I truly believe that my brother was trying to comfort us. The funny thing is that my brother was not a strong believer in anything that he couldn't see. He even had a tendency to make fun of the concept of God. He was an attorney, a very concrete thinker. This is part of the reason this experience was so meaningful.

Peggy Payne said...

I'm glad y'all have the comfort of all that.

Once in my family a child reported regularly seeing in the house a relative who was long dead, who he'd never known. It helped us all.

Debra W said...

Peggy, thank you for sharing that! I am glad that your family found comfort in the experience. Too many people are fearful of things that they do not understand. Any other experiences that you have had?


Peggy said...

My collection of paranormal/mystical experiences is pretty short. Mainly seeing a ball of light over a woman's head once. And an odd moment with a tree, and one with a flock of doves, both of which I'm writing about in a book I'm working on. And then bits of ESP.

I keep wanting to see a ghost, and then I'm not so sure that I want that at all. A friend of mine who comments here occasionally sees ghosts regularly and always has. She's a very sane grounded mainstream-seeming person with a highly technical job. She says don't do it. Sometimes it scares her and isn't fun.