Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Lazy Memory of Bold Soldiers

So I boldly took the long weekend of Memorial Day off. And didn't even blog. That's a serious matter, like not checking e-mail, which I didn't do either.

It was startlingly easy, for one who is prone to overwork a bit and delay vacation time. I've often found that to be true with making leaps, both small and large. Once I get started, I'm puzzled why I ever hesitated.

Anyway, I did a bit of gardening for three days in a row, the last weekend that in my area that can be relied upon not to swelter.

And I took my little inflatable kayak over to nearby Jordan Lake and paddled for an hour, saw a couple of herons at water's edge. Circled a small island that during last summer's drought was attached to the shore by a long ribbon of sand.

And read. And did laundry. And hung out with my husband and a friend. And saw a movie. And ate at the admirable Watts Grocery in Durham.

When I showed up at my office building this morning, one of the upstairs tenants said, "You look rested." And I got a whole lot of work done today.

So, no downsides to this particular wee variation in the usual. When such small changes can take a booster rocket of energy to bring about, it's hard to imagine the kind of steady boldness required of the soldiers we memorialized this holiday weekend.

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mamie said...

Glad you're back, Peggy! I completely sympathize with the need for forced relaxation. Every few weeks I put "rest for two days" on my to-do list. Somehow having it on the list, ready to be checked off as soon as it's done, makes it official and imperative!

Peggy Payne said...

The reason I put off taking time off is that I fear I'm a closet slug who, once relaxed, will never stir again.

I've proved that wrong a number of times. Still....

You're dead-on with the putting-it-on -the-list strategy...at least for those like thee and me. I go through periods where I add "Whim" to my daily to-do list.

This means Act Upon a Some Whim, in case there's any doubt.