Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day One: Clean and Reorganize

Since I last blogged, I finished beading a two-foot image of a fish and did all of the pile of mending for Bob and me (3 prs. pants, 2 shirts, a scarf, a vest, and a gardening glove). The pile was mainly winter clothes. Oh well; they're ready for next year.

Cleaning and reorganizing mean different things to different people, obviously. I'm very happy with this progress.

Tomorrow I will hang the beaded fish art from a tree near our pond. This particular project has been lying around my house unfinished for about two years. What a relief and delight to get it out of the house and up a tree!! It had become one of those things that coaches and feng shui people refer to as an "energy drain." (See Cheryl Richardson's Take Time for Your Life.) Getting rid of those is a major point of this cleaning week for me.

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mamie said...

Peggy, speaking of Cheryl Richardson, a group of ten women did her book, Life Makeovers, a few years back. We met every week for a year, and this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I highly recommend it, especially for women with small children and/or in their thirties and forties.

For me clutter in my living and work space absolutely equals clutter in the brain (remember my closet??) and sometimes I do a mental tour of my house, feeling peaceful when I am "in" a room that is clutter free, and feeling aversion to one that has stuffed closets, drawers, and cabinets.

Post a picture of your fish in situ.

Mojo said...

I'm not even going to get into the subject of "clutter" (he said, casting sideways glances about the room). But this might explain a lot of things.

billie said...

Peggy, I love the idea of you and Bob setting aside a chunk of time to work together on this. That itself is a powerful thing.

I was thinking this weekend about my attachment to happenstance when it comes to decorating. Our front porch is glorious right now, but there are a few out of place items sitting out there that I keep meaning to clear off. One of them is the opalescent lavender-colored "top" to the cat litter box that lives inside. The one cat who uses the litter box won't use it with this dome-shaped cover - so the cover has been sitting in the corner of the front porch for months.

Well. Now the brilliant orange trumpet vine has grown up and through the opening of the litter box! There is a clump of blooms literally hanging inside the opening, and the juxtaposition of the blossoms and the orange next to the lavender has quite charmed me. But I'm still wishing on one hand that the litter box cover was out of there.

It became a little struggle - leave it or remove it?

I had to laugh at myself.

It's still there. :)

Peggy Payne said...

Clutter, the economy and Iraq seem to be the major issues for most of us. You're all three eloquent on the subject.

And Billie, I saw a picture of that champeen trumpet vine on your blog, but didn't even notice a lavender kitty cover.

I'll have a look at Life Makeovers. One of the most amazing experiences of your life is pretty strong recommendation.

billie said...

LOL - Peggy, the photo you saw was the trumpet vine securing itself to the CHAIR - which was literally immobilized by the vine wrapping around it from behind!

I fixed that w/o too much thought, but the lavender cover is in the corner, not shown in the photo.

It sounds like you're making tremendous progress - I bet it feels good.