Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Five Things We Cannot Change...

I just started reading a book from my stack(s) that my hand felt magnetically drawn to. The title: The Five Things We Cannot Change...and the Happiness We Find By Embracing Them. The author: David Richo.

I hadn't even reached the discussion of the First Thing before the book had reminded me very memorably that: the difficulties we each encounter are our chances to learn, expand, and shine.

I've always had a feeling that any problem I encountered was likely caused by my own bad planning. No matter how improbable it might seem, somehow it was a bad decision I made that caused trouble.

I don't know how exactly this book dissuaded me of that. But for the moment at least it has.

If you're burdened with hyperresponsibility, you might find it worth having a look at.

Personal health update: still recovering, sleeping about 12 or so hours a day, and feeling amazingly serene.

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