Monday, July 21, 2008

No-Brainer Time Management

I've discovered another difference between boldness and bad planning.

On Saturday morning I drove 5 hours to work with my brother on his house renovation. Got there in time to do about four hours of work. Spent one night. Worked about four hours again. Need I mention the heat?! Then another five hours on the road going home, feeling good. I'd had a good time and really gotten a fine workout.

Monday. Today. I drove up to my office building, turned the car off, and fell asleep. Woke up an hour later in the same position. My office partner driving up behind me hadn't waked me. Neither had the impressive heat in the closed car.

I pronounced myself rested and went into my office, where I felt mildly crazed the rest of the morning and then took a nap of nearly four hours. Which brings me up to the moment and my present conclusion: nothing is gained by making a three day trip in two days. It's going to require three days anyway, at least if one is over the age of 25.

Planning that uses the Evel Knievel approach--going against natural laws, etc.--is probably not the best way.

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Mojo said...

A 3-day trip or 3-day job. They're both going to take 3 days. I might have been sleeping right next to you if I'd sat still for a few minutes before getting out of the truck yesterday morning. I'm still recovering, though that has more to do with me catching up instead of going to bed last night than it does with the original trip/job over the weekend.

Peggy Payne said...

I 'speck a lot of us overdo it, Mojo. I don't seem to know a lot of slackers.