Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Erotica Writer and Brazen Careerist

Two bold individuals:

Penelope Trunk of The Brazen Careerist:

Her target audience is predominantly youngish people starting their careers in organizations, but an aged freelancer can also make good use of her wisdom. Her advice is goal-oriented, irreverent, free-thinking, and way cheeky. Even her more outrageous ideas I find useful in making me question my thinking. Basically she overturns a lot of assumptions. In today's blog she begins: "The idea that we somehow have a certain amount of potential that we must live up to is a complete crock." What a liberating idea!

Susie Bright, eroticist: Among other credits, she's editor of Simon & Schuster's bestselling Best American Erotica series. With a pile of books on the subject and columns in various major magazines, she has almost made sex mainstream. She's also quite forthcoming about her own life and an activist politically. Rolling Stone says that she "could not be accused of shutting up." Today's subject: "Sex Addiction: The Big Con".

I find that having a look at what someone else is doing makes it easier for me to venture out more in my own way for my own causes. Once when I was writing a scary part of my current novel, I'd stop every few minutes and read an extremely revealing memoir by a friend of mine and think: well, if she can do this, I can certainly write one more paragraph of gritty fiction.

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Debra W said...


Good for you for working your way to the other side of something that frightened you. I'll bet that it felt very freeing to move past the difficult part.

Any idea when your new novel will be released? I am looking forward to reading it!


Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Debbie. It did feel freeing. And I wish I knew when this book's coming out. The news will be up here in CAPS at that time.

Debra W said...

I will be watching for those CAPS! And I will put it in CAPS on my little site, as well!


Peggy Payne said...

COOL! And your "little" site is wonderful.

Debra W said...

Thanks, Peggy!