Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Kennedy Obama

TV has been setting us some good examples recently.

First came the Olympians, who have persevered for years in their sport and competed, for all to see, against the best in the world.

Last night came Michelle Obama, Senator Ted Kennedy, and Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. Each of them, in their different ways, has come a long, long way.

Ted Kennedy hauled himself out of the hospital to to make a speech on behalf of both Obama and the good causes he has championed in his own 46 years in the Senate. I certainly don't see Kennedy's life as one of perfect virtue; as a 20 year-old intern, I wrote a fairly damning editorial about him in the Wilmington, NC paper on the morning after Mary Jo Kopechne's death. But he has gone on from that night, persistently doing good, for the public and for his vast family. That takes guts.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, who has endured more losses than anyone should have to face, introduced him, saying he has taught his nieces and nephews and their 60 children, "how to chart our course, take the helm and sail against the wind."

Then came Michelle Obama. She and her husband Barack have both traveled a long way from their beginnings, and she told their stories with such grace.

I want to see one more example of boldness and grace at this convention. I want the admirable Hillary Clinton to say to her 18 million supporters: Honor me now and in November by voting for Obama; for the good of my country, that's the gesture of support I want.

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kenju said...

Me too!

mamie said...

Peggy, I think that if our party does not become bold it is going to be a tough race. I'm with you.

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Mamie and Kenju.

I love the hydrangeas on your Imaginative blog, Kenju.