Thursday, August 14, 2008

How To Make an Entrance

In case you missed it last Friday night, have a look at this 8 minute video of the 2,008 drummers at the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing.

I want this group to announce the publication of my next book.

China has announced itself boldly. Though I've always been a fan of understatement, yet this is thrilling. I'm also a fan of individual voices, and yet the impact of this many drums beating together is like no other.

Perhaps it's good to be flexible, to be able to be loud wen needed, and part of a group when that's the best way to get your message across.

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mamie said...

I didn't get to see the opening ceremony and had my dad make a DVD of it for me. The drummers whetted my appetite. Have a good weekend.

Peggy Payne said...

Happy w/e to you too, Mamie.

Also, speaking of drums, kudos to my friend Stephanie who announced at her advancedtieth birthday lunch today that she was beginning ukelele lessons.

Mona said...

Drums are & have always been such powerful mode of communication.I have always thought they were since my childhood when I used to read the Phantom comic books! Ever since I have always associated them with a message!

"Perhaps it's good to be flexible, to be able to be loud wen needed, and part of a group when that's the best way to get your message across." I love those words! well spoken! :)

Mojo said...

"Advancetieth birthday?" I love it! I'm officially pilfering that term. Sort of like I pilfered you "Gandhi in the 'Hood" title for an upcoming photo post (check me out on Wednesday). I finally got down to visit Bapu at Marbles Friday evening to wish him a Happy Independence Day.

My "big entrances" usually involve me injuring myself in some way, so I try to avoid those. But I can't say I'd hate being announced by a couple of thousand drummers under the right circumstances.

Maybe I'll get a cameo in Om Shanti Om 2 or something. Now those folks know how to make an entrance!

Peggy Payne said...

Glad you got to visit Bapu, Mojo. And feel free to use Gandhi in the 'Hood. Actually I injured myself shooting the Gandhi picture. Walking along looking at the camera I hit a stone bench and tossed the camera, which came away with less damage than I did. Nothing serious, but the scrapes etc. are still healing.

Peggy Payne said...

Nice to see you here, Mona. I'm a great fan of drumming too. I once pondered learning to play Telstar in time for a writers' "other talent than writing" show." I asked a professional musician if that was possible in six weeks. She said, "Are you a relaxed person?" I dropped that idea, which wasn't very bold of me. Maybe it would have relaxed me, or given me a motivation for relaxing. Anyway, I share your enthusiasm for drums.