Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Throw Off Minor Depression

I was in a truly shitty mood this morning: bitter, sad, angry, depressed simultaneously. (In short, visit with adult stepson did not go well.) The mood threatened to last for the rest of my life.

It lifted when I did one useful small thing that made me feel effective. All I did was drive to a Verizon store and say that two phone accessories weren't working right. One they replaced for free; the other for $16 (it hadn't come from Verizon.)

I left with working equipment and rising spirits. Not simply because I had a headset and a recharger that worked. Instead, because I'd demonstrated to myself that I could be effective, even at running a small errand that had no connection with the original problem.

That kind of remedy is always available. Maybe I'll remember it quicker, should I ever fall into such a state again.

Oh, it's good to have a blog to be able to share such wisdom!

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Laura Neff said...

Hi Peggy!

I love this entry. It's like your higher self was in the background saying, "Snap out of it already! Let's go fix that damn phone!" :-)

Thank you for sharing so openly and, well, BOLDLY!


Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Laura. And maybe the phone-fixing had to do with communication problems?

Debra W said...

And such wisdom it is, Peggy! The Universe provides the "fixes". We just have to recognize them when they come.


Peggy Payne said...

It would be so relaxing to remember that the universe is also involved. Lots of us act as if everything is our personal responsibility.