Monday, September 29, 2008

Handling Fear of Whatever

Inspiring encouraging on-line play-anytime WebTalkRadio.Net interview on managing fear successfully:

Diane Brandon, formerly of Raleigh, now of Tennessee, on her show "Vibrant Living," talks with Jacqueline Wales, Scottish (faint but lovely accent) author of When the Crow Sings and the forthcoming Fearless Factor, as well as being the host of her own radio show, "Fearlessly Speaking."

This not-so-long conversation is a good thing to listen to in a time of dramatic economic crisis.

Wales talks about what she has been through--leaving home at 15, drugs, giving up her three-month old baby, and more-- then facing her fears to have a child many years later.

Both she and Brandon have a spiritual base to their thinking, both referring to a belief in an ultimately (though not instantly) benevolent universe, which can be a great cushion in dealing with fright.

A couple of other thoughts from Wales which I found memorable:

* "Love yourself and watch others love you more" because you're not seeking their approval and reassurance.

*"Fear is our passion dying to get out."

*Be kind to yourself when you're scared. No harsh self-talk.

And more.

What are your tactics for bold living in the current uneasiness?

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mamie said...

I do not listen to the radio in my car, I play new age music. I only watch Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and The Colbert Report so that I can at least get a laugh or two with my news. I assume that if money goes out of style, books will be good currency and therefore I think of myself as rich. And I try to tune out my husband who is obsessed with all things horrific!

Peggy Payne said...

Excellent ideas, Mamie. I shall put on some New Age music shortly.

And I found Jon Stewart particularly uplifting last night. Nobody else does real outrage with such good humor.

I'm also finding that the national worries are a sort of bonding experience. Like 9/11 or the OJ Simpson trial. Everybody in the country has a current event or two in common.