Thursday, October 02, 2008

Laptop Gone Wild

The mind of my laptop has taken off on its own. I don't favor this in a laptop. I want absolute fidelity from all my machines.

What's happened is that when I type "e," what shows up is both "e" and the letter next to it, so that I get "ew." Which is not always what I want to say.

And it's happening at scattered locations all over my keyboard.

(If anybody knows anything about this problem, I would love to hear from you!)

Otherwise, I'll be writing at a public computer in the Chapel Hill Library, as I am now. Or I'll be writing items like this:

It'sd sdomewtimnewsd vewry sdifficult to dsesal ewith thew inmdsewpewnmdsewnmcew of othewrsd.

Translation: It's sometimes very difficult to deal with the independence of others.

Especially those as close as one's computer.

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Mimi Lenox said...

I believe an exorcism is in order.

kenju said...

When that happens to me, it is because I have hit two keys at once.
I don't have a laptop, but I just replaced a keyboard that had a sticking shift key. What a lot of trouble it was. I'd type whole comments only to see that they were all in capital letters.

Peggy Payne said...

Good idewa about thew ewcxorxcidsm, Mimi. Tweo or threwwe thingsd I'sd likwe to takwe cxarew of in thwe dsamwe cxewrewmony. (You dsewew thew problwem I'm having??? Ands, of all lwettewrds, it'ds ew ands sd that arwe affewcxtwesd.

Kwenju, I"m glads to knowe that othewrds havew sdurvivewsd thids problewm. I fewwel I may bew sdpewaking Misddslew WEnglidsh forewvwer.

mamie said...

I have to say the new writing has me laughing out loud. I'm sure there's a story in this somewhere. What won't have you laughing is if you have to get a new laptop and deal with VISTA - now there's something that needs exorcising....

Peggy Payne said...

What'ds VIDSTA, Mamiwe?

mamie said...


Okay, I'll try to be serious for one minute. It is the new operating system that comes with all PCs now. The Word version is very difficult to get used to--so much for me that I had my computer guy put the old Word software on my computer. It was just after I started taking Angela's class last year and I thought I was going to have to start writing everything by hand!

Peggy Payne said...

So your name looks a little funny with my computer's little quirks. Mine came out Pewggy, which is surely much worse.

I'm on a library computer now, and have just had a call from Omar, a Raleigh computer genius, who tells me he has replaced my keyboard and I can come get it. Halleluia!

And I'm trusting that I will find no Vista in it.

Every computer advance seems to have a few downsides. I know a guy who worked for PC Magazine for years who had a message on his home answering machine saying that he was out for the moment at the Brooklyn Bridge to throw off his copy of the new xyz software.