Friday, October 31, 2008

Writing about Sex

Last night I started reading--and almost finished--the newly released Desire, by Susan Cheever. It's about sex addiction. In her acknowledgements she made a comment about dedicating the book to her children who'd embarrassed to death by the book. A nice irony. And very interesting book.

I have a rather highly-sexed, potentially embarrassing-to-others novel in its final stages. My mother once sent me a quote from someone saying: "Pity the parent of a writer."

But we have to write what we have to write.

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Tokuqin said...

by Tokuqin

My apartment was full of smoke.

Sex magazines, empty DVD cases
Were strewn on every surface.

I was looking for a spectacular literary career
But I became frustrated with rejection slips
For my stashed-away, unpublished poems.

She sauntered into my life and into my bed
She was a fine specimen of womanhood.

We established a deep bond,
Breezing through phases of passion
Phases accompanied by the emotions
Resonating through them.

Sex was the highlight for our slow days
With a borderline, insatiable drive.

We were engaged in frequent bouts of sex
We made love for hours .

Life was going on
Outside the walls of our sexual cocoon.

She was an expendable muse for me
Decorating my solitary life
With her voluptuous body.

The whole setting slowly transformed
Into a playground of sexual games.

Each spot acquried and evoked
Its own erotic memory.

We spend much of our time wearing nothing
Or less than nothing
Our young, taut bodies living life to the fullest,
celebrating their nudity.

Our naked bodies swooned
By each thrust-and-catch
Drenched in sweat,
We had steam-engine orgasms

And we had drowsy naps as a post-orgasmic bliss.

So, we were slowly cracking up,
Becoming stale and excruciating.

There was nothing to ponder,
It was not an heart-wrenching breakup.

It was sex without love,
intimacy devoid of meaning.

I turned to writing again.

I needed tranquility and solitude
With my work.

I read somewhere that
Sex was as bad for failed writers as it was
For football players the night before a game.

Hasan Ali Tokuqin

Tokuqin said...

What was It
It was discovering simple things
Like having small walks and talks
At city parks.

It was holding ice cream cones
Visiting McDonald's drive throughs
Playing footsies under table.

It was bringing sensual side back
Subdued by work and clothes.

It was an erotic fellowship
It was a 9 And 1/2 Weeks of our own.

It was not only sex
Or a fling to rapturous love-making.

It was a sacred pact of Tao
Becoming one with divine
Via sexual union.

It was a consensual exchange
Of an unimpeded flow.

It was a symphony
Of touches, bites, screams.

A cocktail of
Incense, perfume, fragrance.
The soft touches of
Soap and bath oils.

It was a feeding from an oyster shell
A fountain of healthy secretions.

It was red candles
Enhancing erotic desires
Violet light soaring our souls.

It was insight and mindfulness.
A kind of healing
Putting our bodies back in motion
Putting our smiles back
On our faces again.

Hasan Ali Tokuqin

Tokuqin said...

Flesh Backs.....

You dream tenderness and care
I dream wet, wet blow jobs.

You dream intimacy behind doors
I dream hardcore parties.

You dream a fire side courtship
holding wine glasses with glamour
I dream nude girls at communal shower stalls.

You dream slim, half dead dreamy guys
with a killing smile
I dream XL girls
with big boobs and behind.

You dream a walk at fog shrouded beach
hand in hand
I dream the body marks we made in the sand.

You dream shimmering city lights
when you lean into windows
I dream silver bullets, killing werewolves.

You dream slanting like wind
I dream anal penetrations.

You dream holding fat babies in your lap
sitting at the porch, swinging slowly on the chair
I dream making soul shattering love at dawns
in a ever lasting haven for us.

Hasan Ali Tokuqin

Peggy Payne said...

Tokuquin, thanks so much for posting these here. I like the last one especially. They're all good story-telling and keep turning over surprises. Will go googling you.

Tokuqin said...

Thnx for the comment,

Tokuqin said...

Cut Loose....

Cut loose for a summer
Escape the unbearable tedium of civilization
Take a piece of escapist vacation
Take a natural interlude in Greek paradise.

Rent a beautiful snow-white villa
up on a hill overlooking the sparkling waters
Of blissful antiquity of the Aegean.

Wear little to nothing, snappy dressing
Or primitive beach attire.

Cold local wines served with fresh sea food
Visiting ancient Greek ruins
With primitive transportation.

And full moon at nights
Over drowsy, sun-burnished island.

Feel the pleasant breeze on your skin.

Sun bathing and swiming at secluded spots
Making love at sea caves.

Enjoy easy sensuality with pretty native girls.

Leading the high life of sun, sex, and leisure
Lust, frolicking and freedom.

Explore bacchanalian,
Lazy and libidinous life
In an unspoiled paradise.

Writing a book about your adventure.

Tokuqin said...

Dirty Old Man....

You are a first class whore
Pretty, young, scorching and unpredictable.

I like you
Because you hate life
You hate everything around you
Like me.

Your are unkind, selfish as hell
Dishonest and mean
Like me.

You sleep with other men too
Older guys like me
Who pay to sleep with you.

But nobody can own your body and soul.

You sleep with young studs
For real pleasure
But you always fake the thing
With me.

That doesn't bother me at all.

You always mock me
Of my pot belly
Of my ugly face.

You call me
A loser
A dirty old man.

You don't want to be seen to often
In public with me.

That doesn't bother me either.

The times you acted on whim
Disseapeared for days
And appeared hitting my door
At the middle of the night
With tears in your eyes.

You wept on my shoulders
Then we coupled in each others embrace
And slept.

When morning light streams entered into the room
You opened your eyes
Rolling to your side
You reveal your round and inviting butt.

I fixed a breakfast tray for you
I made fresh, hot coffee
And brought them to the bed.

I treated you like a queen.

Then we made love all day long
In my small unit.

Hasan Ali Tokuqin

Tokuqin said...


I don't want nothing between us

No distance, no spaces
Other voices, other faces
No missings, no cravings for your body.

I want you always near me
I want to kiss every inch of body
I want to drink your natural liquids
I want to suck your turgid, nourishing breasts
I want to consume your womanhood
I want to chill you out
By making soul shattering love with you.

I want a non stop mating,
A non stop coition with you
Becoming an energy flow
Melting into a molten core
With the power of sensual love.

I want to re populate
The entire galaxy
With the fierce babes
I begotten on you.

I don't want nothing between us
No silly clothes, no occasional vestments.

I want only
My magic wand connecting
To your diamond slit 7/24
And never signing out.


Tokuqin said...


If you come across
Road side ox eyes by your car
You can notice that
They get drench
By warm rain drops.

You can feel the resonant,
Painful vibrations
Above you.

Clouds need to weep
Need to disclose themselves
Like anybody else.

Though human eye
- a nerve by itself
Releases a piscean secretion in the brain
and weeps outward.

If we see the world
As an eye in the space
She weeps inward.

We call it rain.

Tears are the common secretion
All the beings have.

Coffee, bananas and chocolate have
Distilled secretions of Sun.

They feed our sexual energy,
Our libido
They make us happy by endorphin flows
Like when we have sex.

Piscean secretions can be found
At vulva shaped tectonic plates
Oyster shells and crystals.

They are the secretions
Mother earth oozes.

Female sex organs
- a Piscean shape also
Open like dew wet lilies
And release secretions during sex.

This essence of healthy extracts mentioned above
Meant to nourish mankind and earth.

Hasan Ali Tokuqin