Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America the Bold!

I am happy! and grateful! at the election results.

John McCain was heroic, showed true leadership, in his concession speech. It couldn't have been more graceful.

Barack Obama--well, you know how I feel. He makes me so proud of my country. The only moment I thought he showed his own pride and joy last night was when he introduced his wife as: "the next First Lady of the United States." In a gut way, that was the moment that stirred me the most.

I know also that many are disappointed this morning, people who worked hard for McCain. Listening to him last night, I could understand why. I'm trusting that, as was promised last night, Obama will prove himself to you, that he will be your president too.

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Peggy Payne said...

One more thing: Huffington Post ( has front and center today a wonderfully inspiring slide show of people in lots of different countries celebrating.

kenju said...

I was surprised at the graciousness shown by McCain in his concession speech. You are right; had he shown that side of himself during the election, the results might have been different. I believe that his choice of Palin did him in. Too many people could not stand the thought of her being a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Peggy Payne said...

I disagree with him on a huge number of issue and celebrate the outcome, but I still like to know that he's as good a man as he showed himself to be last night. He used his leadership in the best way.

K.B. said...

Yeah for me, it was Palin. She ushered in a whole new tone to the McCain campaign, one of hate and division and nastiness. To be fair, it probably was not just her decision to do so, but there she was, spreading absolute lies and dirt and filth about and encouraging the worst in people.

People boo'ing at the McCain concession speech when he congratulated Obama and wishing him well and promising to work with him...the pain on McCain's face was striking when he had to plead, "please...please..."


At any rate, I know quite a few people who voted Obama just to keep Palin out. Some even said that they'd have voted for McCain otherwise.

Really painful.

Peggy Payne said...

Her stances were only one of the problems for me,K.B.; but hers drew my outrage.

And I thought she was at her best--or at least best that I'd seen--in the interviews after the election was called. She seemed like a crestfallen decent regular person, instead of a windup campaign instrument.