Monday, November 03, 2008

The Eve of Election

If you haven't already voted, please figure out when you're going to do it tomorrow. Allow plenty of time. Take a book. Take a neighbor. I don't think there has been a more crucial election in my lifetime (except, of course, when my brother has been on the ballot in NC.)

Today it seems that everybody I see is a little agitated and excited. The security guards in a state office building wanted to know where to get the particular Obama pin I was wearing (the one with Martin Luther King on it.) When I said where I'd gotten it, one of them lit out down the street on foot to get one.

Or maybe it's just me seeing the whole world as excited. If I wake up tightly wound, I realize it first when I can't decide what to wear. If I simply can't accessorize. This morning it was scarf fever. I tried so many different things around my neck that finally my husband, who thinks scarves are silly and unnecessary, started telling me that each one looked good.

I gave up. No scarf.

Tomorrow, I'm signed on to spend the last hours of the voting day as an IMPARTIAL observer at polling place. I'm just to watch and make sure everybody gets to vote and report any problems to an on-call lawyer or technical problems guy. To seem impartial, I will have to calm down. This would indeed be bold.

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K.B. said...

I have never seen so much news coverage of a US election in another country as was here in the UK during this election. I think I was on the BBC site most of the election because their coverage was so good.

Everyone here keeps congratulating me about Obama winning, too. :)

Peggy Payne said...

Did you see the international slide show yesterday on at the top of Huffington Post? It was a tremendously inspiring sight to me.

K.B. said...

I didn't, the Huffington Post isn't one of my normal news outlets, as I tend more towards The Economist, Reuters, BBC, and CNN -- sometimes the FT as well. I'll have to go have a look.