Friday, November 14, 2008

Puppy Cam

Who wants to be bold all the time? It would lose its zing.

Here's a nice break: a webcam watching a litter of puppies who are at the perfect age to be the ultimate in delightful. They were all asleep when I just peeked in, but stretching and shifting around and propping their heads on each other in a winsome manner. I'm not a huge fan of cute; I tend to prefer gorgeous and majestic and mysterious, etc. But these little guys are a don't-miss.

Note: I was tipped off to their location by the blog wowOwow, The Women on the Web. However, dog-people of any gender will enjoy this, I think.

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mamie said...

My favorite is the one who is outside at the beginning, comes in and plops down on the stuffed animal, wags his tail, tries to start something with the one sleeping on the right, then lies down again. I like his style. (It might have something to do with those power naps!)

Peggy Payne said...

Jeez, I hadn't even begun to distinguish among them. Though I did kind-a like the one asleep with his head on another one's butt.

K.B. said...

Puppies...awwww, cuuuuute! :)

I hate to admit it, but every now and again, I go and visit the LOLcats website, . Some of them are only worth an amused look, but every now and again, there's one that makes me laugh out loud.

We giggled at this one for no little time, I'm not really sure why:"

Debra W said...


That was so much fun to watch! They were all awake when I checked in on them.

Thanks for sharing this little dose of adorableness with us. Now I want a puppy!


Peggy Payne said...

If you get the puppy, post pix, Debbie.

I couldn't make cheezburger work,though, K.B. Among the funnier blog names, which is saying something

K.B. said...

Ooops. Think I left a quote on the end of that. Try:


or just go direct to and just giggle your way through some of the pics until you run out of time. :)

This has been the latest viral cat video, insofar as I can see: -- you have to watch it all the way through to get the maximum giggles out of it...

Peggy Payne said...

Stealth kitten! Also, very nice critter dialect