Monday, December 08, 2008

A Necessary Step for Holiday Prep?

The holidays are getting to me today -- in a not-good way. Decisions must be made! And preparations! I just did a web search of seafood restaurants serving on Christmas Day. Don't know that that's the solution, but maybe.

I could view it as a holiday tradition to have one sinking spell. Just expect it and allow time for it. Then back to jingle bells.

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K.B. said...

I can hardly believe it's so close to Christmas, actually. I haven't done a blessed thing as of yet! Tomorrow I may go shopping for some silk ribbon and some beads and have a go at some jewelry for a few gifts. Maybe. :)

I love the whole go-out-for-dinner thing, much as I love cooking a huge dinner for friends and family. So easy! There's usually several large hotels in every large city that will also cook up your entire Christmas dinner for you -- your choice of turkey or goose! -- and send it all to your home.

I remember my first Christmas with my new husband -- somehow, it all ballooned into not only my in laws coming, but also my husband's grandparents! Talk about pressure to get the food right! Luckily all went well, but I was a wreck.

Peggy Payne said...

I put it aside and started doing my work. Decided I'd think better about the recurrent turkey issue tomorrow.

It would be better if Thanksgiving and Christmas were further apart.

And Bob and I have both our birthdays, our anniversary, and Valentine's within the same few weeks. It's just too much for a sensitive soul.

lorela said...

hi, i just want to say i admire people who gets published and still remain level-headed.. thanks for keeping this blog open for aspiring writers..

K.B. said...

At one point, I realized our holiday season started in August with my wedding anniversary, and then two birthdays every month, plus all the holidays between the end of August to Valentine's Day, so I feel your pain. :)

That was the birth of the Gift Cabinet. I set aside two cabinets in the basement, and whenever I was out shopping and found something that was gift-worthy, I would buy it and put it into the Gift Cabinet, which is where I also kept all the gift wrap and such. Then when I needed a gift, I'd just go root around in the Gift Cabinet until I found something appropriate.

It doesn't help with the food issues, but at least the gift issues are all taken care of... ;)

Peggy Payne said...

Welcome, Lorela. Tried to get to your blog, and I loved the tropical sea scene, but I couldn't get to the posts.

K.B., I actually like the gift part of holidays, and shop year-round for my gift shelf. I like trying to figure what someone might want that they might not think to get. And gift-wrapping I enjoy. I'd feel cheated if I were to switch to giving giftbags.