Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bold Even in the Details

I was so happy with yesterday's inauguration, in large ways and small. I do feel that we begin fresh again, perhaps as we have never done before.

Here in central North Carolina, we woke up to see new fresh deep snow, as we've not seen here in quite a long while. Everything looked pristine.

And then I saw (on TV) the hundreds of thousands of flags waving on the Mall, and Obama himself, and the line-up of former presidents and defeated contenders gathered to witness the "peaceful transfer of power" and I felt a confidence in us that I haven't felt in a while.

I was also thrilled by one little detail. At the moment of word bumbling in the oath: Obama didn't get flustered! He didn't let a small problem lead to a bigger one. He was graceful and the awkward moment passed.

Hooray for a leader who can smoothly handle an awkward moment in front of a high percentage of the people in the planet -- and who also thinks straight and means well. This is the best combo I can imagine.

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K.B. said...

Hear, hear. God's blessings on the poor man, as I've no idea what it must be like to have such huge expectations riding on you from all sides -- many of them totally conflicting!

kenju said...

He is so regal (I want to say) all the time, and yet, personable and accessible in ways that royals are not. He re-did the oath today, just to be sure there were no slip-ups.

Peggy Payne said...

K.B., I saw that had a post on How To Pray For Obama. It's not a bad idea.

I'm with you, Kenju, on the combo of regal and accessible. One of his critics I read described him as having "preternatural confidence." I'm in favor. And it's no wonder he's confident now. What he has already accomplished in being elected is astonishing!