Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Kick of Giving

Just read a new book that could radically change the world if enough people paid attention. Could certainly do good things for the world of any one reader.

Kickback by Robert Urbanowski is a philosophical cousin of a book I co-authored, The Healing Power of Doing Good. Note Kickback's subtitle: "A remarkable new law reveals how you get what you want by putting others first."

It's short, persuasive, inspiring, and practical. Shows exactly how to live by this principle.

Here are a couple tidbits I particularly like:

"Successful people purposefully contribute to others in order to help people accomplish their objectives...In this way, contributors literally surround themselves with success. They can do this because they don't see other people as threats--they see other people as resources. This is true of very high achievers."

"We do not defeat evil--we displace evil by doing good."

"...The common element keeping us from contributing is fear. We are afraid that if we contribute, someone else will benefit more than us, we won't get a fair return for our efforts....However, what we fail to realize is that by failing to contribute all we can, we fail to become the person we can be."

If we do our "networking" with an eye toward how to help, we might even stimulate the economy.

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Debra W said...

Peggy, I love your attitude and I will be checking out the book that you recommended. I often pick up the book that you co-authored, The Healing Power of Doing Good, to remind myself about how important it is to do things for others.

You inspire me to want to do more.


Mojo said...

That line about displacing evil is exactly the phrasing I've been looking for. It's perfect!

I don't know if stimulating the economy is that simple, but for what it's worth my thoughts on "doing the good thing" aren't geared toward the "payoff". Very simply, I believe in doing the good thing because it is the good thing -- period. That's how to "displace" evil. At least that's how to displace it in my own life. I wish I could tell you I'm mostly successful at adhering to the philosophy, but the truth is probably different.

Peggy Payne said...

Mojo and Debbie, You're both inspiring.