Friday, February 13, 2009


Oh, dear, oh, dear, I lost a Follower.

What that means is: there's some cyberspace way people can sign up to be Followers of particular blogs. I guess that means subscribers.

On my blog "dashboard," I can see how many this blog has.

Well, today I saw that this blog is DOWN ONE Follower.

I was stung.

Now this is ridiculous. I myself jump all over the web, I play the cyberfield without a second thought. Also, after 37 years as a freelance writer, I can get a book rejection and not even blink.

But here's the difference: this is new. I never lost a Follower before. It almost reminds me of the early shocks of my first manuscript rejections. Of not being asked to dance in eighth grade.

I'm glad I know from experience that rejection can become simply part of the process, without rocking me.

In the meantime, Follower, where are you? Is it something I said?

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kenju said...

I posted something similar about 3 weeks ago. Isn't it funny how something so small can rock us? I don't know who left me, but it really did sting! Luckily, 2-3 more came to take that place....LOL

Debra W said...

Aww Peggy, that makes me a little bit sad, but don't feel too bad about it. People have different reasons for coming or going and it probably has nothing to do with you. Sometimes people become totally overwhelmed by all of the blogs that they have chosen to "follow" and they need to clear everything out for a while.

The great thing is that you have consistent, intelligent readers who comment regularly!


Peggy Payne said...

You're right, Debbie. We have a delightful bunch of folks popping in here. The comments always add to my day.

Kenju, I'm glad you got some new friends in. I realized after the fact that I'd posted this on Valentine's, a day on which I didn't feel otherwise rejected at all. Bob did up the holiday very well. Funny that I'd gripe about the Follower thing.

In the process though, I did learn how to sign up for other folks' blogs, which made this dramatic experience of loss worthwhile.

K.B. said...

Hi Peggy -- this seemed an appropriate place to say that Net access has been very spotty and I'm still out here...just not much access to the Web. Hopefully this will change on Monday. Talk to you soon!

Peggy Payne said...

Where are you "out," K.B.? Some adventure in the wilds?

Peggy Payne said...

Also, K.B., I don't actually take attendance and do expect people to come and go. I got in touch because you'd been so regular that your sudden total absence was a little worrisome.