Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cleaning the Fish Tank

I did something this morning that I've been telling myself I needed to do for weeks, perhaps months. Cleaned the aquarium. This involves a siphon and a tube that runs over the side and into a bucket. It vacuums up goldfish waste. What a surprise that I don't get around to it too often.

But every time I've walked up or down the stairs in recent weeks, I've looked at that tank and thought: Gotta do that!

Bold would be to do it when it first came to mind,when it was first needed.
At the same time, what a nice feeling that I get to walk upstairs tonight and congratulate myself on having gotten it done.

I dare you to tackle one of your own fish-tank-type chores.

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mamie said...

Helloooo? We would have liked some before and after photos!

Hope you're doing well.

kenju said...

Oh, I already am. This week I washed walls to get rid of wallpaper paste and today I weeded that patch out front I laughingly call a flower bed. Since I weeded, there's nothing left.

Peggy Payne said...

Not a chance you're getting pix of my polluted fish tank, Mamie. But thanks for asking. Do you have fish pictures?

Congratulations, Kenju. You're taking the unnecessary layers off, indoors and out. A very springy thing to do.