Friday, March 13, 2009

Nature Setting a Good Example

Here are a few more blossoms to remind you to spring forth with your own brilliant creations.

Even though the climate might create some obstacles.

Years ago, I said to my therapist about the market for literary novels: "you don't know what's it's like, it's working in a cage with a tiger." (Not the most apt comparison, but the basic idea is: difficult situation.)

He said: "How much good is it going to do you to spend your time watching the tiger?"

So I'm keeping an eye on the flowers, as I work.

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Debra W said...

And beautiful flowers they are, Peggy! I am glad that you are taking the time to keep an eye on them. Next thing you know, you will be watching butterflies and ladybugs and all sorts of wonderful things!


billie said...

Peggy, lovely flowers! Especially nice on this rainy, dreary weekend.

A bit off topic, but I wanted to invite you to send me a guest blog if you're interested in participating in the "Chatham County" series over at mystic-lit.

Al Manning, from NC Writers' Network, set up a writers' morning out a few weeks back for Chatham writers, and I decided to devote March and April to Chatham County guest blogs.

Would love to have you if you have time. :)

Greta said...

I intended to just say thanks...and I do.

Small world and all that: I went to the writers mtg to which billie refers. I didn't remember the facilitator's name but knew he was from NCWN. Now I can probably find him at the website and ask about the next mtg. We agreed to meet once a month, alternating a weekday morning and a Saturday.

Thanks, Billie.
Peggy, I'll look for your guest blog. (After I figure out if it's on Billie's website or on NCWN's.) oops, just realized I need to find mystic-lit.

billie said...

Greta, the next meeting is at 11 on Sat. March 28th at same place as last month.

mystic-lit is at:

You too, are invited to submit a guest blog if you'd like!

Peggy Payne said...

Wow, look away for two days and all kinds of things happen.

Yes, I'll write a guest blog, Billie.

And tell me more about the Chatham Country writers: was this readings, feedback, or what?

Debbie, I'm even growing some flowers in my little garden right now. In spite of my neglect, we currently have forsythia, peach blossoms, Bradford pear, hyacinths, camellias, hellebore,daffodils, and periwinkle blooming all at one go. It's probably the high point of the year right now on my plot. I enjoyed the seconds of my dash from house to car this morning. Do you grow stuff?

billie said...

Peggy, it's not that kind of group - at least not now. It's more for meeting, networking, and just getting to know other writers in our county. You should come - there's also a lot going on with Central Carolina Community College - they're starting a continuing education program in writing and are having a meeting in April and looking for folks to propose/teach courses. Lots going on, all good stuff.

Debra W said...

Oh Peggy, do post some pictures of your beautiful flowers! I would love to see what you have accomplished! Yes, I do grow lots and lots of roses, snapdragons(at the moment), lavender, jasmine(The fragrance is divine!), icelandic poppies, camellias and some others whose names are escaping me right now. We also have honeysuckle at our beach house.

I love the way that the colors of the flowers can distract me from even the most serious of thoughts! Sounds like yours can do the same for you.


Peggy Payne said...

Thanks for the info on the Chatham writers, Billie. I may well make it. not sure. Where's it held?

And Debbie, it's fascinating to see the difference in what you have blooming and what I do. I may post a picture of some of my flowers, but the blossoms are actually fairly few. We're in shade and I plant as if it were sunny and get some blossoms but not a lot. Sort of a weird gardening strategy.

billie said...

Peggy, it's at the Unity bookstore on the main drag. Which now has a coffee shop in it!

Debra W said...

Even just a few blossoms are enough to brighten any garden! And you are right, it is very interesting to see the differences in what is blooming in different parts of the country. There are some amazing flower fields in Carlsbad which I am hoping to drive down to in the next week or so. The flowers should be at their peaks right now and it is absolutely breathtaking. I will share some photos if I get down there. You would love it!

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Billie. It's a cool store.

And Debbie, I look forward to your pictures. You always have terrific pictures on your blog, especially of the beach and the four angels.