Thursday, April 23, 2009

Small Changes in Routine

Blogging outdoors in my bathrobe, sitting in my car in our driveway, where reception is better than inside. The air is room-temp, so I've left the car door open; birds are happily chirtling in the trees, nice liquid-y sounds. A horse fly madly buzzs against the inside of windshield, trying to get out.

Even small changes in routine are great for the creativity and sense of adventure: I've gotten a lot of pretty good work done this morning. Now off to the writers' group I've been meeting with for 26 years: some good things to be said for routine as well.

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kenju said...

I like nothing better than to sit in my car on a sunny, warm day and read a good book. Of course, I don't usually do that in my driveway...LOL

Debra W said...

Peggy, I love the way that you described your experience of blogging in your car! Just reading it made me smile and breathe in a little deeper.

26 years with the same writers group! That is quite an accomplishment. Have you ever written about how you got together with them? I would love to hear about how your group formed.

Glad to hear that the irritability has passed.


Peggy Payne said...

Kenju, where do you go to read in your car? BTW, I find a nice warm car a good place to nap, though I have had a stranger knock on my window to be sure I'm alive.

Deb, my writers' group is run by a leader who got us together. She's novelist Laurel Goldman. We're all in it for life. It's a pretty amazing thing to have.