Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cleaning Out My Closet

The exceptionally bold act of cleaning out the bedroom closet can be so liberating.

This past Sunday I set to it, and sent 18 articles of clothing away to new lives elsewhere. (including the rag bag.) Note the "going out" pile.

One item had to be commemorated with a portrait: the jaunty sunglasses skirt, which has traveled with me to many a memorable occasion. Unfortunately the black background has started getting that rusty green cast that aging black fabric gets.

I don't understand why cleaning out a closet, pruning a bit, is so invigorating. But it is. And I was so energized afterwards, I went outside and cut a few branches off of big shrubs, opened the place up to a little more light.

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mamie said...

Whoa, girl - we're on the same schedule. I cleaned mine out a week or so ago, the memory of posting photos from the last purge going through my mind! I also felt irritated with how quickly I let it get messy again.

Yep, feels like a whole new wardrobe....

Peggy Payne said...

Bob said I'd been dressing up lately. I wasn't aware of it. It must be the whole-new-wardrobe effect, of getting rid of some stuff.

You're right. I think we did this at the same time a while back.

Debra W said...

Peggy, I was just listening to someone on the radio, yesterday, talking about getting rid of fifty things to begin with. I guess she has published a book about how to do it. Sounded interesting, but I like your number "18" much better! As I am sure that you are aware, the number 18 or "Chai" is very significant in Judaism, symbolizing "life". Jewish people often give gifts in increments of the number 18 in order to bless the gift with the life force. I love that you picked out 18 things to give away! Was that a coincidence or something you meant to do? Could that have something to do with the energized feeling that you got afterwards? Interesting, Peggy. Not that I am trying to overanalyze:)

Oh yes, did you receive the little package that I sent you a few weeks ago? I do hope that it got to you safe and sound.


Peggy Payne said...

Debbie, I did receive the wonderful package and wrote back to you immediately. I have the world and the acorn and the rest in the prime territory right-front corner of my office desk. Also delighted to get the ranunculus. They are such beautiful flowers.I'm so sorry you didn't get my message.

And I'm amazed to learn about the number 18. It was entirely a coincidence. I had no idea. Thanks for telling me.

Debra W said...


I am so glad that you received the package! I just wanted to make sure that it arrived. No worries about the note! Let me know how the bulbs do when you plant them! I have confidence that you will be able to make them blossom anyplace!