Friday, May 08, 2009

Itchy for a Call

Since Monday I've been on the alert for a phone call. Monday is when the itching started. First my head, then an arm...and so on. It took me four days of scratching to think what is usually my first thought about any physical complaint: could this all be IN my head rather than on it?

That thought, as well as a chat at dinner with psychologist/hypnotist husband Bob put a sudden and total end to Itchy-and-Scratchy. The problem was gone. It should always be so easy.

And: I should refrain from using my creativity and magic in this way. There's no end to the trouble I can make for myself. Better to make up novels.

Bob reminded me of a New Yorker article on itching and the mind, aptly titled "The Itch." that talks about how the mind may be filling in info from tiny bits of data: connect-the-dots. Called the "brain's best guess."

My research also turned up someone who itched during yoga, another whose feet itched when she washed dishes, and one who itched whenever her hands were full with two bags.

With me and the business of a phone call, I think it may come down to the fact that I'd rather be active than passive, rather do something than wait. Surely I can find something better to do.

I'm starting to feel a faint tickle as I write this. Must stop now.

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Anonymous said...

Reading your post made me want to scratch! I itch when I have an available button. Maybe there something in myself I am intentionally ignoring. Or maybe I am taking myself way too seriously. It's restless energy, needing an outlet. It reminds me of the Doobie Brothers song..
"You're still the one who can scratch my itch"...

Peggy Payne said...

I also think it's restless energy, wanting to DO something.

"Available button"?

Anonymous said...

Button is a poor word choice. An available trigger is better. It is similar to when someone says something which hurts me. The trigger is a mirror of some sort, and I can stay stuck in the muck or move onto the behavioral level. For example, "be more considerate" is a cop out for me unless I translate it into how do I move forward with this person. Man, these are heavy thoughts for a Monday! May yours be lighter!

Peggy Payne said...

I know a woman who says she's very good at pushing her adult children's buttons, because she installed them.