Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Masks Fear Wears

In answer to: "how do we hide our fears?" a question posed in the comments by Debbie, I did a bit of research. I suspect there are many more items that could be added.

*Misplaced anger is a method that gives the illusion of control and safety. More on this from psychology professor Jennifer Freyd of the University of Oregon

*Pretense or pretentiousness. See Sarah Stewart comment on Intuitive Roots.

*Addictions and reflexive habits.

*Emotional numbness.

*"One of the worst ways we hide fear is by hiding behind our Bibles and theology. This happens when knowing all the right answers and being able to correct others becomes more important then knowing and loving God and knowing and loving people." From The Firehouse Church in Bremerton, Washington.

*Tension, muscular hyperreadiness.

*Stereotyping, rigid thinking about "the enemy" From The Center for Media Literacy

*General controlling behavior

*Phobias, replacing one fear with another. The Acadia Hospital

*Compulsive behaviors that give the illusion of order


*"Going along"

"The best way to deal with fear is to stop pretending to be fearless. Paradoxically, the more you deny fear, the more likely it is to dominate you. Tune into your fear, give it a voice, enter into a dialogue with it, do what you can to reduce the risk, and you will find yourself more able to take risks....Behind fear lies excitement." From David Cornfield atThe Creative Edge

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Debra W said...

Very good stuff, Peggy. Thank you for posting this. I am going to do a bit more research into masks and how we use them to hide fear from both ourselves and others.

I also find that fear can be paralyzing, meaning that it causes me to do nothing. That is something that I am hoping to get past in the future. I don't really become paralyzed in fearful situations, rather I react pretty quickly. But when it comes to intrinsic fears such as how to begin a project, I tend to feel a sense of paralyzation that is quite an effort to break through.

How do you move past the anger which masks the fear?

Peggy Payne said...

Recognizing that my anger is fear is helping me a lot, Debbie. And that recognition is only days old.

Let us know what else you dig up.

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