Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sports and Any Age

My elderly husband (67) and I (60) had dinner in a sports bar Friday night, the Salem Street Pub. I never did that before--though I once edited a story that importantly took place in one--and didn't do it this time on purpose. It looked like a cafe sort of place, and the patty melt had been reviewed as the best in my local three-city area.

It was very, very loud. There were many large TV screens showing different kinds of games.

And it was kinda cool, though I've never been much for spectator sports. Women's fastpitch softball was an inspiration. I was pleased to see that one excellent batter was wearing make-up. I love the idea that you have don't have to give up lipstick to play ball. That we can combine whatever elements suit us individually, which makes the terrain more interesting for everyone.

The patty melt was excellent, too.

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mamie said...

67 elderly? I take exception. I think the fifties and sixties are the prime of life. This enables me to eat patty melts to my heart's (dis)content!

kenju said...

I'm 68 - soon to turn 69 - and you can call me whatever you want (elder,senior) but I don't feel old in my mind.

I'm not in Apex often, but I'll check out their patty melt when I am there!

Peggy Payne said...

I was making a little joke. Surely no one could consider the 60s elderly. Old starts at 80, at least for the moment.

mamie said...

Whew. And a good example of sarcasm not being easily transmitted in blogdom!

Peggy Payne said...

And people do tell me that my humor is idiosyncratic.

webay said...

have a nice day! :)