Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Good Sign

A long-time biker bar (Hogs not ten-speeds) is on my route between home and office. I've never stopped there, though it has often crossed my mind.

Recently a sign went up outside the place that I thought pretty bold, and delightful as well. The sign: "It's A Boy." And the little marquee was festooned with appropriate decorations.

It takes a bold biker to make a tender announcement.

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Greta said...

Hey, Peggy, I can't figure out if you pass it on your way, but if it's the one that used to be called The Little Bar (on 64), then I'm not surprised.

My friend Pat and I went there one night in my car (parked among all the pickups and bikes)and were surprised to find ourselves invited to the reception of the coouple who had just gotten married in the bar. The bride had on tight jeans, a low neck white, off the shoulder blouse, and had a wreath of baby's breath on her head.

It was fun!

Anonymous said...

My brother, an attorney and school board guy, represents many harley folks. When his twin girls were born, he was given leather black and orange infant bikinis with the harley logo. Much to his wife's chagrin, that was his outfit of choice for the girls debut at a huge family gathering. What a fashion statement!

billie said...

I saw that! I always want to stop in there and have a beer, but have never been "bold" enough. :)

Peggy Payne said...

Good move to check the place out, Greta. Until I went to the website yesterday I had no idea how "family-friendly" the place is.

Or how recognizable, Billie.

And Brother of Anon, great fashion choice! I wouldn't mind a black and orange leather bikini myself--surely it's available in a 60-year-old version.