Saturday, August 15, 2009

When Fear Likes to Strike

Curiously, courage is often needed most when a threat starts to recede. That's true for me, and true theoretically. The recession starts to show signs of abating and I start to feel the full emotional impact for the first time: anger, fear, fatigue, etc.

Why Be Scared of the Recession Now?

When the first frenzy of a crisis is over and things begin to look better, then I/we have the luxury of being tired and of resting, and of wasting time on worrying and second-guessing. Also, the adrenaline fades out a bit. And the initial overdoing starts to take its toll.

Decision-Making Principle

What I keep in mind is that the inevitable moment of wobble is not a good time for changing plans, backing off from earlier choices, throwing anything over, or rethinking anything important. Unless radically new circumstances occur, it's a good time for getting more sleep and sticking with the wisdom of an earlier fresher day.

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