Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Boldly Overcoming Fear of Code (Scroll Down to See More)

Why this blog looks peculiar today: Last night I decided that I'd go into the inner workings, fiddle with the html code and make a few changes.

I'd never touched any code in my life before. Amazingly, I was somewhat successful. I made the changes I wanted.

Plus, obviously, a few that I could do without. Sorry for any inconvenience. I will get this straight eventually. Sooner, I hope.

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MitMoi said...

ha! I messed with my code when I first set up my blog. Then it didn't matter if I messed it up because it was brand new.

Now I am terrified to do anything! So it just SITS there. You ARE bold! Good going!

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Mitmoi. And I may not touch mine again. A twenty-something code-reading guy fixed the worst problem within the hour. But there are other changes I want to make.

It would be good of me to be patient enough to learn a little html before going in there again.

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post on overcoming fear .It should be very much helpfull.

Karim - Creating Power

Peggy said...

Karim, I'm curious--what distinguishes your program for building power and confidence from others with the same aim.