Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fear and Courage in the Stars

My astrologically-minded friends tell me that we are in the period of "Mercury in retrograde," one of the times of year that is famous for weird glitches in the operations of gadgets and schedules and systems.

I'm open to the general concept of astrology. If the moon can create tides, surely the heavenly bodies can influence me. But I'm largely unconvinced on the details; my horoscope has too often predicted for me fabulous successes that haven't quite lived up to their descriptions.

However, the tide of cyberglitches I've encountered with my email lately has brought the concept to mind. So I did a little research and found what I wanted: a positive spunky approach to mechanical-glitch Mercury in retrograde season, should that season in fact exist. I always want to wring some value out of obstructions.

In short, this time (through Sept. 29) is a period of course corrections and rethinkings that will go into action at the beginning of October. And that's a mere two weeks away. A tolerable notion. So I'm looking forward to emerging from retrograde and seeing all my rethought messages soaring to their best destinations.

And if you didn't get a reply to your email, please send Pony Express.

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mamie said...

The true astrologer takes into account all of the planets and their influence. That's why it's hard to take seriously the daily newspaper reading. One of the most thorough readings I've ever encountered can be found here (it's the Capricorn, just for you!). Usually this particular reading is very positive, making this month's forecast all the more depressing!

Today is supposed to be a particularly down day for all the astrological signs. I'm remaining optimistic that I have what it takes to survive!!

James said...

Hi Peggy,

We just started an astrology dating site called and it is still being built out but would love for you to check it out. thanks btw your posts are great

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, James. Is that you in the blue shirt on the beach?

Mamie, I went to that site, and it said that for me today is the worst day in a bad month. I can construe that positively: not a single awful has happened to me today. Hope I'm not tempting fate here.

And I know you have what it takes to survive.

billie said...

That's funny, Mamie - I agree that Astrology Zone is the best site out there. She seems to have a real gift for making the monthly forecast detailed and personal.

I have had my chart done by a professional years back and it's true that the more specific the data (birthdate, location, exact time of birth) the more accurate the reading.

mamie said...

Just a PS that I made it through the day, getting ready for a weekend workshop (music, so what was I thinking when I took this on?) without a hitch. I didn't dent the car or write any mean emails, although I did read two emails to my husband who said not to send them. I met with my womens' group and didn't come away with my foot in my mouth. So all in all, I think I did okay. Bring on the weekend, which is supposed to be the worst weekend for any undertakings this month!

kenju said...

I read the same astrologer that Mamie linked to, and today was supposed to be bad for me as well. It wasn't perfect, but I can say without a doubt that it wasn't as bad as I expected. Susan Miller is often right on the money, though, and she always cautions about Mercury in retrograde. I've been missing emails too.

kenju said...

Oh and I meant to say that your ascendant sign is very important in formulating your horoscope, so the one's you read in the paper are far from thorough.

Peggy Payne said...

Glad nobody had any retrograde disasters yesterday. And how interesting that there's total consensus here on the most thorough and accurate forecasts. I've had some pretty astonishing accuracy as well, most significantly from a hotel astrologer in Delhi in 1979.