Friday, September 25, 2009

Following Bliss--Down the Highway

Driving to work one day this week, I found myself following the most delightful "trailer" I ever saw.

My cellphone photography while driving on Interstate doesn't do it justice, but maybe you get the idea. It's about the size of a large pup tent, has potted plants on either side of the door and a lace curtain at the window. Likely inside there's a nice little library, a couple of reading chairs that convert to a bed, chocolate, and hot water for tea.

It's not every day you see an Alice-in-Wonderland cottage rolling down the road. Just think of all the interesting things we could see rolling down the road if we got a bit outside the norms.

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Debra W said...

Wow, Peggy, that is a lovely trailer. And your description of what is inside makes me want to drop everything and find one for myself.

I also payed a visit to the site that you linked to and it is so innovative! I could have spent lots of time just looking around at all of the creative things that were displayed there! Fun stuff!

Peggy Payne said...

I was also delighted by the stuff on that site, Debbie. Made a note to go back.