Monday, November 09, 2009

Bold Benares #3

This photo, taken in one of the wider of the narrow alleys, called galis, of Varanasi, is part of the reason I called my novel Sister India. The other reason was that my good friend Usa who lived in the flat across the stair landing from me said that I was her Indian sister, which meant a lot to me.

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mamie said...

What a cover this would have made for your book. Shall I write your publisher and begin a campaign for the next run? Wonderful photo.

Peggy Payne said...

The cover of Sister India is a photo my editor at Riverhead had taken on her own earlier trip to Varanasi. It's to suggest the door to the guesthouse in the novel.

mamie said...

I guess it's better not to mess with your editor's photo. :)

Still, your photo is intriguing.